The Rinox Group is a collection of four different companies that offer a variety of exterior products and services for your home. The ultimate goal for the Rinox Group is to create beauty in all aspects of the home. The Rinox group offers complete services using durable and high-quality products that will transform your dreams into reality.


Rinox Inc – Concrete Products Manufacturer

The company manufactures a wide variety of pavers, retaining walls, bricks and stones. With over 20 years of experience, Rinox’s mission is to continuously innovate and regularly introduce new Landscaping, Masonry and Alternative Masonry products.

Aquarino – Fiberglass pool manufacturer

Aquarino inground fiberglass pools are resistant and easy to maintain. The company stands by its above-average manufacturing standards and its full installation service. They offer an outstanding color variety and a wide-array of pool models. Aquarino is the new standard for inground pools and were created to match perfectly with Rinox concrete products.

Rinox Signature – Unique landscape contractors   

Serving Ottawa and Gatineau, the company offers multiple landscaping services to clients including 3D design, free estimates and certified landscapers. They have a design center located in Ottawa, ON, with a group of experts offering personalized turn-key solutions. Whatever your outdoor ideas, Rinox Signature will rise to the challenge to create a beautiful and functional project, guaranteed by the manufacturer.


Rialux – Aluminum siding

Made in Canada and entirely of premium aluminum, Rialux siding stands out for its easy installation, light weight properties and rust-proof material. They are high quality products that add the perfect finishing touch to any architectural project. The combination of Rialux products with Rinox contemporary bricks and stones creates a perfect harmony between minimalism and the latest trends.

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Rinox Group
Rinox Inc

3155 boul. Entreprises
Terrebonne, QC, Canada  J6X 4J9
450 477-7888
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Rinox Signature

2002 Mer-Bleue Rd, Orléans ON
K4A 0G2