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The divisions of the Rinox Group

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Rinox – Concrete products manufacturer

Rinox is a manufacturer of high-end, high performance and prestigious concrete products for over 25 years. From the home siding to the exterior landscaping of a residential or commercial project, Rinox is the trend and quality benchmark for any construction project.

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Rialux – Aluminum manufacturer

Made entirely of aluminum, Rialux siding panels are manufactured in Canada and stand out for their ease of installation, their lightweight material and their rust resistance. Rialux products natural wood imitation surface was made to match beautifully with Rinox bricks and stones.

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Aquarino – Inground fiberglass pools manufacturer

Aquarino is an inground fiberglass pool manufacturer in Quebec. The pools are resistant and easy to maintain. The company distinguishes itself by its high manufacturing standards and its unique colors.

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Dolphin Pools - Inground fiberglass pools manufacturer

Dolphin pools is a Canadian fiberglass pool manufacturer located in Ontario. The company offers a wide variety of both free form and rectangular fiberglass pool models. These pools are cost effective and offer a wide variety of sizes available.

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Garage-X - Garage aluminum wall panels

Garage-X offers a line of checker-plate effect aluminum wall panels specially designed to enhance the appearance of garages. These panels are ideal for a simple, do-it-yourself installation project aimed at elevating the aesthetics of your garage. 

The strength of a group

Master in their field

The experience and expertise of a passionate team are the driving force behind the development of new products. Over the years, Rinox Group has stood out in the field of high-end construction materials with its unique and timeless designs. The constant goal is to stay up-to-date with technological trends in order to meet the expectations of industry professionals.

Discover product combinations that naturally come together to bring unique projects to life. Rinox masonry products paired with aluminum cladding represent the ideal combination for an outstanding project. For a complete project, our landscaping products seamlessly blend with our fiberglass pools, turning your backyard into a dream oasis.


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